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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 11, 2009 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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jon: and good morning. jon scott along with jane skinner, we take you through the next hour as we see president obama lay a reef on the tomb of the unknowns. one of the most somber opportunities of all presidents to mark on this day every year. shortly after the reef laying, the president will be making remarks at the auditorium at torlington. we will carry those for you -- arlington. we will carry those for you live.
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>> right shoulder. >> present. halt.
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jon: and as the president exits the area of the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery just across the river from washington, d.c., he will be heading to the memorial auditorium there where he will be making more remarks on this veterans day. we will take you back there live when those remarks begin.
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jane: well, the president will be meeting with his national security team and they will be considering our future strategy in afghanistan. it's been three months now since the commander there, general stanley mcchrystal, called for more troops. we're told the president is considering four options today. let's get to carol ine at the white house. what do we know about these options? >> well they are indeed four different different options. the president received them yesterday on paper, jane. it was between mr. obama and his national security advisors will be focused entirelyly on those options. what do you put in, how many crews and what do you get out of that? now, the last of these high-series meetings took place on october 30. no announcement is expected today on the afghanistan strategy. we are told to expect that sometime after the president returns from his asia trip -- he leaves tomorrow, he gets back next thursday, but a decision or at least an announcement may not come until december, jane. jane: carolyn, what are we hearing -- carol ion, what are
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we hearing -- caroline, what are we hearing? >> military sources are tell our pentagon crusade that he could send an extra 30,000 to 40,000 troops to afghanistan. general mcchrystal asked for 40,000. they may come from fort drum in new york and fort campbell in kentucky and a marine brigade could be sent over as well. that is what the choice would be. the focus is on. but again the white house is telling us no decision yet. jane: i know there is a poll out today of interests showing the president's approval ratings as concerned -- as it concerns afghanistan. what are they? >> not very good news for the president here, jane. coming from a.p.g. poll, a poll done november 5 through 9, it says that 48% disapprove compare to 42% who approve. that is more than a month ago.
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in october, 41% disapproved and 46% approved. now we will show you another poll done by a.p. more people opposed sending troops to afghanistan than did early october. now 54% oppose an increase compared to a 43% in favorite. just a month ago, 50% opposed it and 46% were in favor. jane: caroline, thanks. jon: veterans day especially somber at fort hood where the commanding general of that huge texas post is now calling on his soldiers to dedicate themselves to the memories of the victims of last week's massacre. more disturbing details are emerging about major nidal hasan and his contacts with a radical imam overseas. chris gutierrez is live at fort hood. bring us up to date, chris. what's the latest? >> you bet, jon. we know that yesterday the f.b.i. locally visited a mosque that hassan was known to frequent here in the killeen area. it's to our understanding that
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they never made it inside the mosque but instead paid attention to a dumpster there. we have learned from hassan's lawyer that his past and leave privileges here by the army had been revoked. it's not a huge surprise but really has bearing if you think about it since hassan is down it the brooke army medical center. he talked briefly for 30 minutes and explained to hassan that he was hired by his family and any ongoing legal situations he may face. and the attorney is worried that his client may not get a fair shot at trial here at fort hood. >> i say that only because of the -- of so many senior officials, including the commander in chief, the president, here at fort hood. so that will be a factor among others that will have to be
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examined. >> and we should point out, obviously, the investigation continues. hassan has not been harged as of yet, -- charged as of yet, jon. jon: there are so many badly wounded. can you give us an update? >> you bet. 29 people were originally sent fought hospital after the horrific events that took place here last thursday. we know this morning that 15 people are still in local hospitals. three of whom, jon, are still in the intensive care unit. jon: so sad. kris gutierrez at fort hood, texas, thank you. one of the top members of the house subcommittee on intelligence, congressman michael mccaul, has a lot of questions he wants answered. one of them being, did major hassan act alone? we will ask him what he's learning from the investigators when he joins us live coming up. jane: we want to get to our next story. the family of the convicted d.c. sniper is taking his body back to the hometown of baton rouge, louisiana, for a private burial. john allen muhammad was
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executed by lethal injection. he had no final words, showed no remorse and lawyers said he maintained his innocence until the very end. he was connected with directing a shooting spree in washington, d.c. back in 2002. his teen police, lee boyd malveaux, is serving a life sentence in the state of virginia. jon: it is a company every american now has a stake in. gaye bailed out with billions -- a.i.g. bailed out with billions of tax dollars. now a senior executive threatens to quit. if he does stip down it would make him the fifth top executive to walk out the door in 18 months. jenna lee has more from the fox bissonette work. >> we are talking about the c.e.o. of this company and c.e.o. of only three mets months and threatened to step down before -- these are reports coming from "the wall street journal" saying that he's threatening to do it again and it's about pay. ben does not like the pay
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restrictions that the government is putting in place in order to help him manage a.i.g. of course, a.i.g. has $80 billions of loans, $180 billion of our investment and is 80% owned by the taxpayers. the government has a big hand in here. benmosche threatening to step down. he ended up negotiating and getting a pay package of about $10 billion. so -- $10 million. one thing we should pay attention to, jon, again, as major shareholders of this company, wall street likes this guy. he may have some questionable judgments but wall street investors like him and seem to have confidence in him. so right now we're seeing the stock a little weak on wall street based on these reports, jon. jon: jenna lee, we'll check in with you in a minute. jane: not a good job trying to get jobs in this country, especially for our veterans. there's a new program we will show you in just a moment teaming veterans up with businesses. it's a win-win situation.
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jane: well, just imagine how challenging it can be for veterans after serving a tour of duty overseas. but thanks to a program launched by the army reserves, they're helping get jobs for veterans. it's filling a very real need. according to the labor department, six people in this country looking for work for every single job opening. the unemployment rate last month for 24 to 29 years old at 10.8%. if you're a fresh out of school the numbers are grim. unemployment for those under is 24%.
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-- 20 to 24 is 15%. >> jane, i'm happy to tell but this story particularly because it's veterans day. you know the incredible training that our troops get in so many different fields. but what happens when they get home after they served us and our nation? are we serving them? and the question is whether or not jobs can be available. as you said the army reserves actually has an innovative program. it's a program with private sector businesses and more than 750 businesses have already signed up to offer job interviews to those returning troops that have served in the reserves. and many in fact thousands are taking part already. and i want to introdepuse you to one c.e.o. who couldn't wait to sign up for the program. his name is steven shaw. we're at his company today. thank you for having fox news here today. it's bolts information sciences and you hire tens of thousands of people around the nation. why did you choose and what does reservists have to offer?
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>> the reservists come out of the military with fantastic skills. they have the ability to lead. they have the ability to provide tremendous project management. and they have educational opportunities within the military. and they come out and they really are excellent employees. and so most companies in the employer provider initiative that we have, the partnership, take a look at this opportunity as a great thing for american business. >> now, this is a temporary staffing company and you place people for other companies. what's the reaction you get from these potential employers when you say, i have someone who has served our nation in the military, the men and women that reknow get training in computers, engineering, so many different fields, they can do security work and other work, what kind of reaction do you get? do they jump at the chance? >> they do jump at the chance. we have currently open right now somewhere around 700 jobs. they are all listed on our
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website. but there are over 750 companies that are in the employer partnership initiative. everyone that we meet is enthuse assic. >> and so are we. we wanted to bring this story for those men and women that may be looking for a job when they get home. go to and i am writing information about it. back to you, jane and jon. jon: there's more information coming to light about the fort hood shooting suspect. more questions also being raised about exactly what the military and the f.b.i. knew about major hassan. now more than one investigation being called for. we'll talk to a congressman who's part of leading that charge.
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jane: knew details about the suspected fort hood shooter and his ties potentially to a radical muslim cleric. a counterterrorism investigator familiar with the f.b.i.'s reviews of major hassan's emails to this imam tells our catherine herridge that there really wasn't enough there to launch a full investigation into major hassan and the bureau would be, in this person's words, crucified, because the emails said that hassan was looking for spiritual and religious guidance. there is an in dependent look for motivations of his rampage and his outside influences. in the house one of the lawmakers leading that charge is congressman michael mccaul, reab of the house intelligence subcommittee. thanks for your time this morning. what's the number one question you'd like to have answered? >> well, let me say thanks to our veterans for serving our great neags.
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we honored 13 soldiers killed in cold blood by mr. hassan as he yelled out allah akbar, god is great. i'm a former counterterrorism prosecutor. one of my biggest concerns is who was communicating with mr. hassan prior to this tragic event? and what is the motivation and intent behind it? i think there are a lot of people early on who want to rush to judgment and say this is a lone wolf case that has nothing to do with terrorism when we're finding out every day, evidence is coming out that he did in fact have contact with al qaeda operatives like the imam in yemen which is a safe haven for al qaeda. this imam had a mosque where we know, too the 9/11 hijackers attended. i think there are questions the american people need. jane: have you seen these exchanges back and forth? >> no, i didn't. i've talked to general cone back at fort hood. he said these communications
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are not prosecuteable offenses and i understand that being a former prosecutor. but the fact that we have someone in our united states military in contact with an al qaeda operative in yemen raises some serious flags in my judgment. and that's why i've called for hearings on the homeland security committee to get to the bottom of this. jane: you've been clear in saying you are not convinced if major hassan was acting alone. why do you have those concerns? >> well, we're not going to know until we get all the evidence in. but certainly when you have communications to countries like pakistan, to countries like yemen, where we know al qaeda exists, and i think what's going to be imperative here is that the f.b.i. not get shut down by the military and be allowed to pursue their counterterrorism investigation. if that is swept under the rug, and this is treated just as a simple murder case by the military and prosecuted only as a murder case, then the american people may never know what was motivated mr. hassan and the potential counter --
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potential terrorist communications and organizations out there who may have been influencing him. jane: you've also been pretty clear saying from the start that you call this an act of terror, yet, you know, some might ask you, well, aren't you jumping to a conclusion before we know the full story? >> some have criticized me for that. but regardless of who was working, if anybody, with mr. hassan, the fact that he killed 13 soldiers in cold blood yelling allah akbar and he wounded 28 in a military installation is in my view an act of terror. let me tell you that al qaeda has a history of targeting u.s. military installations like the fort dix plot, this is right of their playbook. jane: we understand the hearings will begin next week in the senate. and it sounds like you are working towards hearings in the house as well. congressman mccaul, thank you for your time today.
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>> thank you so much. jon: on this veterans day, the president will also be making more plans regarding our troops in afghanistan. word of four different strategies under consideration. we will take an in dependent look. -- we will take an in dependent look. >> i just want to say hi to my mother back home in liberty hills, texas. i am assigned in kandahar, afghanistan.
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jon: we are taking a look at the live ceremonies under way at arlington national cemetery just across the potomac river in washington, d.c. the president is abouting to introduced by veterans' affairs secretary shinseki. when the president makes his remarks, he's at the auditorium there at the cemetery. when he begins his remarks we will go there live. captioned by the national captioning institute jane: want to show you of a pretty amazing site of a rockslide. the side of the gorge, rook at that, gave way for a second time. this huge rock shell came down shortly after geologists arrived and warned other workers to clear out. for now people wanting to get
11:32 am
out of this mess are taking a 120-mile detore. these are the remnants of hurricane ida bringing these downfalls along the mid-atlantic coast. we see that rain at arlington national cemetery, that's related as well, right? >> absolutely. this is rain that's going it continue along the mid-atlantic region for the next several ways. i wish i could say that ida would be out of the picture but this will stall and actually combine with another system out in the atlantic making for a very powerful coastal storm. we are hoping that the bulk of the coastal storm will stay offshore but we are going to have to keep an eye on it. so there's the rain coming from charleston up towards the outer banks and even into long island not only today but throughout the rest of the workweek. this is the scenario we are going to see. unfortunately, with a lot of heavy rain, beach erosion is going to be a problem and the fact that we will see incredible wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour in some
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instances. we will show you that in a moment. and prescription anywhere three to four inches around the atlantic region. we could see maybe eight tore 10 inches. these are your wind gusts tomorrow morning all along the outer banks into towards virginia up towards d.c. and then into thursday afternoon. still seeing wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour. into friday morning, delmarva peninsula up towards long island and up towards massachusetts. so this coastal low is going to be something we are going to keep an eye on. if it moves closer to the coastline we will deal with a more powerful system that will affect a lot of folks. that storm i was talking about is 400 miles southeast of bermuda. a nontropical low but it could become subtropical in the next couple of days. in any case it is going to combine or be absorbed by that low pressure off the southeast coast. we do have some live pictures
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from georgia, guys, that i want to go to right now. in is the remnants of ida for cobb county, i bleeb, this is the atlanta area and we are going to wrap right now and go to arlington, i think. jane, back to you. jane: we are, jane. thanks. -- we are, janice. thanks. jon: it has been a somber week for the president after the ceremonies yesterday commemorating the victims of the massacre at fort hood. let's listen now to the president. >> thank you, secretary shinseki, for the generous introduction. more importantly, the extraordinary bravery and service to our country both on and off the battlefield. i want to thank our outstanding vice president, joe biden, and his wonderful wife, dr. jo biden, for being here today. we want to thank their son for his service as well.
11:35 am
we are glad he got back from iraq. we want to say a special word of thanks to brigadier general who is commander of the military district for washington for being here and for your life fime of distinguished service to our -- lifetime of distinguished service to our nation. to gene crayton, thank you for being here. and to all the veteran service organizations for their extra ordinary work day in and day out. to our members of our armed forces and for the veterans who are here today, i am deeply honored and humbled to spend veterans day with you this this sacred place where generations of heroes have come to rest and jen operations of americans -- generations of americans have come to show their gratitude. there are many honors and responsibilities that come with this job. but none is more profound than
11:36 am
serving as commander in chief. yesterday, i visited the troops at fort hood. we gathered in remembrance of those we recently lost. we paid tribute to the lives they led. there was something i saw in them, something i see in the eyes of every soldier and sailor, airman, marine and coastguardsman that i have had the privilege to meet in this country and around the world and that thing is determination. in this time of war we gather here mindful that the generations serving today already deserves a place alongside previous generations for the courage they have shown and the sacrifices that they have made. in an era where so many acted only in pursuit of narrow self-interests, they've chosen the opposite. they chose to serve the cause that is greater than self. many even after they knew they would be sent into harm's way.
11:37 am
and for the better part of a decade they have endured tour after tour in distant and in difficult places. they have protected us from dengary and they have given others an opportunity for a better life. -- they have protected us from danger and they have given others an opportunity for a better life. to our veterans, to the fallen and to their families, there's no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and your sacrifice. this is a place where it is impossible not to be moved by that sacrifice. but even as we gather here this morning, people are gathering all across america not only to express thanks of a grateful nation but to tell stories that demand to be told. there are stories of wars whose names have come to define
11:38 am
airas, battles that have echoed throughout history. there are those who sacrificed for a more perfect union, of a grandfather who marched across europe, of a friend who fought in vietnam, of a sister who served in iraq. there are' the stories of generations of americans who left home barely more than boys and girls became men and women and from termed home heroes. and when these americans who had dedicated their lives to defending this country came home, many settled on a life of service choosing to make their entire lives a tour of duty. many chose to live a quiet life trading one uniform and set of responsibilities for another. doctor, engineer, teacher, mom, dad. they bought homes, raised families, built businesses. they built the greatest middle class that the world has ever
11:39 am
known. some put away their medals, stayed humble about their service and moved on. some carrying shrapnel and scars found that they couldn't. and we call this a holiday, but for many veterans it's another day of memories that drive them to live their days each day as best as they possibly can. for our troops it is another day in harm's way. for their families it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one and the concern for their safety. for our wounded warriors, it is another day of slow and argeous recovery. and in -- arduous recovery. and in this national cemetery it's another day when grief remains fresh. so while it is important and proper that we mark this day, it is far more important we spend all our days determined to keep the promises that we've made to all who answer this
11:40 am
country's call. carved in the marble behind me are the words of our first commander in chief, when we assumed the soldier we did not lay aside the citizen. just as the contributions that our service men and women make to this nation don't end when they take off their uniform, neither do our obligations to them. and when we fulfill those obligations, we aren't just keeping faith with our veterans. we are keeping faith with the ideals of service and sacrifice upon which this republic was founded. if we're honest with ourselves, we'll admit there were times when we as a nation had to trade that sacred trust. our vietnam veterans served with great honor and they often came home greeted not with gratitude and support but with condemnation and neglect. that's something that will not happen again.
11:41 am
to them and to all who served in every battle, in every war, we say that it's never too late to say thank you. we mon your service. we are forever grateful -- we honor your service. we are forever grateful. and just as you have not forget your missing comrades, neither ever will we. our service men and women have been doing right by america for generations. and as long as i am commander in chief, america's going to do right by them. and that is my message to all veterans today. that's my message to all who serve in harm's way. to the husbands and wives back home doing the parenting of two, to the parents wo who watch their sons and daughters go off to war and to the children who wonder when mom and dad are coming home, to all the wounded warriors and to the loved ones who lay their families to rest, america will not let you down. we will take care of our own.
11:42 am
and to those serving in far-flung places today, when your tour ends, when you see our flag, when you touch our soil, you will be home in a america that is forever here for you just as you have been here for us. that is my promise. our nation's promise to you. 91 years ago today, the battlefields of europe fell quiet as world war i came to a close. but we don't mark this day each year as a celebration of victory as proud of that victory we are, we mark this day as a celebration of those who made victory possible. today, we keep in our minds the brave men and women of this young nation, generations of them who are -- who have fought in a set of ideals. because they did our country still stands. our founding principles still shine. and nations around the world
11:43 am
that once knew nothing but fear now know the blessings of freedom. that is why we fight in hopes of a day when we know longer need -- when we no longer need to. and that's why we gather for the remembrances and sombers of war to recommit ourselves to peace. there won't be a long day -- they will build families and lives of their own. god willing they will grow old. and someday their children and their children's children will gather here to honor them. thank you. god bless you. and god bless the united states of america. [applause] jon: president obama honoring the veterans of this great nation on this veterans day saying among other things that as long as he is commander in
11:44 am
chief our veterans will be well cared for when they return home from places like afghanistan and iraq. our coverage of the veterans day commemoration will continue ahead. some lunch.
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businesses. now, think about this for a second. if you're a banker, if you're a farmer, if you're delivering your products via truck our train it will be used by energy. energy is the second piece of expense outside of payroll. this is affecting all small businesses right now. the reason, again, weak dollar, the currency in the u.s. is weakening overseas and that's pushing the price of things like gasoline up. things like gold. you hear about gold all over the place. gold prices going up as well. jane: i know you are a small business expert so this has to be a significant effect on that. is this going to get worse? >> it seems because it seems like the dollar will continue to further weaken. that will push things like gas, gold, commodity prices higher. small businesses very, very affected by the price of energy. you think about the price of energy at the pump, that's the consumer. think about it in terms of you're a farmer in the field, you're running that combine maybe eight, 10, 11 hours a day, it costs you a lot of money. also if you're delivering your
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goods, very, very important for small businesses for energy prices to be low. a side note, real quick, diesel prices are up 20 cents a gallon also. so it's not only gasoline. it's also the diesel price which will affect a lot of small businesses in the country. jane: eric, good to see you. jon: on this veterans day we are honoring those brave americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and paying tribute to our troops overseas right now fighting for the same frontier fields their fathers and grand fathers defended before them. a day in the lives of our soldiers, next. . >> i wear the medal because i feel the troops are the ones who gave it to me. i'm proud of all the men i served with. i'm not a hero. i don't feel like i'm a hero. it's only that one moment in time when you're at that time when somebody sees you do that and i wear it for all the millions of soldiers that went
11:50 am
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jon: on this veterans day, fox is taking you to the frontlines. melanie is live in east baghdad. >> we are at a joint u.s.-iraqi based in eastern baghdad, one of the few places inside of the city where you will find american soldiers after june 30. they are still getting used to their new advisory non-combat role. today's mission for the red
11:54 am
platoon. this is not even a regular patrol. >> transporting. >> the iraqi army is in charge. their lives are rarely in danger. these days the real enemy is boredom. the soldiers battled boredom with video games and work out their frustrations in the weight room. >> when your working you said you wish you had more time, but when you are not working you wish you were working. frustrated no matter what. >> six months ago they spent all of their time patrolling, eating, or leaving. -- or sleeping.
11:55 am
>> with the added down time is that much more important for leaders to get involved and talk with their guys. charlie company -- >> charlie company has two months left. researchers are looking at stress levels as they adjust to life back home. they want every single guy mentally strong and fit for combat. jon: thank you. on this veterans day we are also continuing to put things on the blog., some of us have written about our favorite veterans. jane: it is easy to find. also, we're watching this story -- somali pirates hijacked two more ships today, opening fire on a naval patrol.
11:56 am
>> this is a specialist gerald adams. i would like to say hello to my beautiful wife, brittany, and my beautiful daughter, chloe. i will be home soon.
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jane: top of the hour, we have news coming from cleveland, police are expanding the search for bodies. harris: anthony sold, they have found that the remains of his home 11 deceased people. you are looking at a brand new video that just came in to fox news. they are preparing this property very carefully by overturning the dirt. they are going to go in with thermal imaging equipment to look through the walls and the floors. once they turn it over with
12:00 pm
other equipment, it will radiate differently than compacted soil. even if something is hidden there, they will be able to go in quickly to see if there is other evidence in the case. 11 women have been strangled, found next door on the property. and they were all african- american women according to the corner. anthony sowell is accused of this from back on september 22. after a long time neighbors had said that something horrible to be smelled coming from there, the police still did not load until the alleged attack on the 22nd. the big headline is that they are now searching that property next door. jane: thank you very much.
12:01 pm
jon: president obama carrying out one of his most solemn duties earlier today, the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. the president delivered his remarks just moments ago. >> in this time of war we gather mindful that the generation serving today already deserves a place alongside previous generations for the courage they have shown and the sacrifices they have made. in a time when so many act in self-interest, they have chosen the opposite. they have chose to serve in a cause that is greater than themselves. jon: today's event was all the more poignant after following the memorial service yesterday at fort hood, where president obama eulogized the 13 soldiers that were killed there. all of this after weighing the
12:02 pm
decisions to send thousands more troops to afghanistan. jane: suspected pirates have opened fire on european navy units. this latest episode comes after pirates took down another ship. they were said to have snatched a greek cargo ship with 22 members on board. this is the latest in a string of attacks by these icy bandits. greg, update us, if you will. >> these somali pirates are all over the high seas. hijacked in the middle of the indian ocean between africa and india, some 400 miles northeast of the seashell islands. including that yacht that we told you about, owned by that
12:03 pm
british couple, they are still being held in somalia, either onshore or offshore, along with the latest total of hostages. jane: why has there been such dramatic uptick in this activity? >> as you mentioned, the european union naval force hit today. they are out in force, 25 ships, 14 nations, mostly in the waters off the east coast of somalia or where the incident was the day, the gulf of aden. forcing the pirates further and further out to sea, as far away as 1,000 miles. to try to get another jump on the pirates, fox news has confirmed that africom has started to use unmanned drones based in these islands.
12:04 pm
at the very least right now they are and i in the sky. they could be armed next. jane: greg, let us know if anything else develops. thank you. jon: lights coming back on after two-thirds of brazil was plunged into darkness after a power outage. the energy ministry is blaming storms that caused a domino effect across the country. and in rio de janeiro the cops were sent in to help to keep the city calm. some people fear that this could be another black eye for rio as they prepared to host the 2016 olympic games. jane: take a look it is fierce gunbattle video from peru. these are pictures from near the capital of lima. the police moved in on a group of leftist rebels. the police later arrested five
12:05 pm
of these gunmen, confiscating nearly 700 pounds of cocaine. pretty rugged terrain, as you can see, peru is second only to colombia in global cocaine production. jon: as more and more americans are coming down with h1n1, scientists are hard at work tracking its every move, looking for possible mutations in the virus. claudia's live with them now in san francisco. >> as h1n1 continues to race across the continent, a team of researchers is tracking every move in and mutation by studying by rose samples from patients the got sick here in united states, canada, and mexico. >> we want to find out how rapidly it is changing, is it changing at all, and if so
12:06 pm
ultimately what does that mean with regards to drug resistance? >> so far the news is good. >> we have tested a lot of viruses, so far the virulence has not changed. >> influenza has a tendency to mutate and a big genetic leads can be catastrophic. in 1918 a mild strain of spanish flu became. and, killing millions. -- became by reaand virulent, killing millions. specimens are kept in a freezer. dnase -- dna sequences are compared, displayed as lights on the computer screen. >> the combination can tell you
12:07 pm
what viruses most likely to be present. >> that kind of research along with more detailed genetic analyses is helping scientists to monitor the evolution of h1n1, data that could be critical should a new strain surfaced that is resistant to drugs, ideally given -- giving advance warning. jon: of iran's warning is a good thing. thank you, and claudia -- jon: advance warning is a good thing. thank you, claudia. jane: google has launched a flu shot finder, hopefully the clinics will still have the vaccines. many of the clinics and not listed yet, but this information is also available at and the american lung association's
12:08 pm
web site. jon: a new poll shows that americans are growing less confident about the direction of the nation, while president obama has majority approval the country is growing increasingly pessimistic. 56% say that we are headed in the wrong direction. just 38% say that we are headed in the right direction. let's talk about that with jason specter, former director for bill clinton. we also have a former spokesman for new gingrich. welcome to both of you. that right track/wrong track number is a defining thing for presidents, is it not? >> i do not know how much credence i would lend to these numbers. his job approval ratings are in the 50's and i do not know if this is a long-term indicator. look at ronald reagan, at this point he was 12 points down from where it was.
12:09 pm
looking at george w. bush, he had a 90% approval rate in his first year. jon: one reporter said that the country is in a funk. >> the preponderant of evidence seems to suggest, after new jersey, virginia, and this poll, this president came in with huge, enormous expectations. he has dropped 20 points. people like the president personally and they like his speeches -- i like his speech yesterday, but good speeches do not keep america safe from terrorist attacks. they do not lead to prosperity. of policy does. the president continues to give good speeches but his policies are wrong.
12:10 pm
jon: also noteworthy that he is about to leave before long tour of asia. is it not the rule that when the going gets tough at home, you had overseas? >> not necessarily. he still has majority approval. i think that that is because he has had significant accomplishment despite the noise in his first year. we are very close to regulatory reform and health care reform. on health care reform if you look at what happened in the house, it was historic. we are closer than ever to having this past. that happens there will be a boost that will " -- most likely carry into the next election. jon: considering that he entered the office at a time when the market tanked and the economy was in a tailspin, is that the explanation for where his numbers are?
12:11 pm
>> president obama took care of his friends on wall street, which seems to, as a surprise to the people that are unemployed. you have interesting numbers, people coming out of college, over 15%, young people unemployed at 10.8%, people want to know where the jobs are. president clinton went up to the hill to convince the senators to vote for this -- i am sure that his message was like this, if we had done this in '92, we would not have lost congress in '94. i think that if he had passed it in '94 he would have been a one- term president. his numbers turned around when he adopted nafta. his first year was bogged down with bosnia, gays in the military, on and on. when his numbers really increased, he took on the republican agenda. welfare reform, all of these
12:12 pm
things. this president is not showing any signs of the fundamentals. they should send to james carville. jon: what do you think about that? >> if you look at the unemployment numbers, they are what economists call the lagging indicator. if you look at others, like retail members and productivity, those are all trending in the right direction. i think of the president is much more successful on the economy than he is being given credit for, that was hard to translate over the next few months. jane: we are learning more about the suspected shooter in the fort hood massacre. but there have been signs missed by investigators? catherine will be with us with of the latest in just a moment. >> for all who have served and continue to serve these united states, we salute you.
12:13 pm
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12:15 pm
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12:16 pm
jane: after the investigation into the fort hood shootings we have been telling you about the e-mails that the suspected gunman exchanged with a radical imam. yes we have learned more about why the agency did not launch a full investigation. catherine, what are they telling you? >> the investigators familiar with the review of the e-mail said there was not enough in the message to launch a full investigation. one investigator told me that if they had launched an investigation, they would have been crucified, because he was looking for spiritual guidance. that they could not launch an investigation because of first amendment privileges.
12:17 pm
the message is that not contain threats or indicators of pre operational planning. i was told that after they were vetted, they were shared through appropriate chains. this investigator added that he did not know what happened to this information once it reached the defense department. jane: we are also hearing that a pentagon staffers and looked into nidal malik hasan and nothing came of that. >> senior defense officials have told fox that no one knew of the e-mails or that he was an extremist before the attack, but they did not rule out the possibility that a lower-level employee was aware and did not follow up. you are seeing the evolution of this case where investigators themselves are being investigated. jane: what is the status of this imam? is he still in yemen? >> the interesting thing about him is that he is an american
12:18 pm
citizen. he has a dual citizenship. prior to 9/11 he was first in san diego, then he went to virginia -- where he was followed, connected to the other line 11 hijacker. after line 11 he left the country -- connected to the other 9/11 hijacker. after 9/11 left the country. he spent one year in jail. yemen suggested this morning that they do not know exactly where he is, but the conventional thinking is that he has had shelter in yemen and that he continues to be very active because he is a western voice for jihad through electronic media. his website, based on my reporting, it is hosted here in the united states, in effect explaining why others
12:19 pm
domestically were so involved in gathering intelligence about him. jane: thank you, catherine. jon: the next time you are in the card you might see a new tactic to fight human trafficking. the government is sponsoring billboards to highlight the horrors. the campaign is called hidden in plain sight. it is being rolled out in 14 u.s. cities. immigrations and customs enforcement agencies said they hoped that the billboards will draw attention to this equivalent of modern-day slavery. an estimated 8000 -- 80,000 people are traffic every year. jane: we want you to meet a sergeant that should be an inspiration to us all. on this day five years ago in fallujah, his life changed. 40 surgeries later he is working
12:20 pm
to change the lives of other injured members of the military. he is with us next. >> right now i am undergoing training in georgia, i want to say hello to my friends and family.
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
jon: the body of a convicted washington, d.c. sniper is going home for a private burial. john allen mahamoud was executed last night. he had no final words and showed no remorse. his lawyer said that he maintained his innocence until the end. he directed a shooting spree in the washington, d.c. area back in 2002, leaving 10 people dead.
12:24 pm
his then teenage accomplice is serving a life sentence in virginia. his family just wrapped up a news conference. harris was watching it. harris: you know that i watch news conferences all that long. i have never seen anything like this. the family comes out, they had a statement to make, apparently. the washington, d.c. sniper, they had his last words, but what they wound up saying was that they would not release the contents of his letter, they would take no questions, it was a news conference with no news. they did not say that they changed their minds, they just decided that they were not going to talk at this point. they would not release the contents, they said they wanted to show sensitivity regarding the comments made towards the victim's family last night.
12:25 pm
the family, we waited for this, it came out, basically we got nothing. jon: thank you. jane: this was the scene from earlier today at the world war ii memorial from earlier today. a public wreath laying ceremony marking the first official veterans day ceremony to be held at that memorial. veterans for valor, quite a story to tell, sergeant, thank you for your time. you served two tours in iraq. five years ago today that you were in fallujah, tell me what happened. >> today is my fifth year anniversary of this. i was room clearing in fallujah, like we are supposed to as good marines. i kind of kick over a door and i
12:26 pm
got shot by an ak-47. jane: you have had quite a road since then? 40 surgery's? >> i have had over 40 procedures. my teeth have been replaced, bullets lodged into my throat, i have a titanium job. it has been a rough road. jane: what is the goal of your group? >> to help out combat wounded service members like myself, just helping us out. army, navy, coast guard, whenever it is, you can get wounded easy. jane: tell me aabout the things that you offer. >> our backpack as basic amenity items, t-shirts and shorts. also freeloaded bipods, movies,
12:27 pm
stuff to pass the time. for outpatients we get them trips to dave and busters. jane: explain what that is. >> it is like chuck e. cheese for adults. jane: [laughter] is there a message you would like to get out to the people today that would like to do something for the veterans today? >> my hat goes off to the vietnam veterans. thank you for your service. remember, pst is a lot to suffer with. i go through it on a daily basis. if they want to help out they can log on to the web site, just hit the delete button. -- donate button.
12:28 pm
jane: we are putting the website up on our screen. what we're trying to do, sergeant, is for the information up on our blog. great information that we are going to add to. thank you for sharing your story today. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it so much. jane: the group is called veterans of the valor. you can find the information on our blog. jon: hard to believe that it has been five years since that fallujah battle. jane: hats are off to him. jon: using a bad experience like that for good. expected of murdering 13 people at fort hood, we are now learning chilling details on the past of major nidal malik hasan. where does the investigation go from here?
12:29 pm
plus, lots of bad news from banks and mortgage lenders. finally some good news for a change. what does jpmorgan chase have of its sleeve? >> hello, i am here at camp victory in baghdad, iraq. i would like to shout out to my husband. i love you, happy holidays. see you soon. 90s slacker hip-hop. ♪ singer: buckle up, everybody 'cause we're taking a ride ♪ ♪ that can strain your relationships and hurt your pride ♪ ♪ it's the credit roller coaster ♪ ♪ and as you can see it kinda bites! ♪
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jon: here is what is happening now. on the job hunt? you have heard about those layoffs and long unemployment lines. how about companies increasing sales by 60%. will this become a trend? jane: look at this rain, heavy rain in georgia, flash floods. jon: who says that there is no such thing as a free lunch? hundreds of companies are giving back to those who have served as veterans. as the nation mourns the victims killed in the fort hood massacre, we are learning more about the suspected gunman, major nidal malik hasan and his ties to radical imam. a new report says the that imam was arrested for giving religious approval to militants for kidnapping. he started a web site
12:34 pm
encouraging moslems to kill u.s. troops. so far no charges have been filed, but 60% in our new poll think of this case should be investigated as an act of terrorism. here to talk about the distinctions, our fox news senior judicial analyst. they could put him in any court that wanted? >> yes, the decision is initially the military's. the military, believe it or not, they provide nearly the same procedure an identical constitutional protections as state and federal courts, but the military has not executed an active dirty -- active-duty service person since 1961. it would be cumbersome and tiring, long and drawn out, to try that case.
12:35 pm
a day -- a very well might want the federal prosecutors or the state of texas to do it, using their own investigative agents. jon: as you know from the attorneys that have appeared before you, if you do not prosecute death penalty cases very often -- and they do not in the military -- those lawyers are not very experienced. >> i cannot imagine that there is a single lawyer in the military that has prosecuted a death penalty case. the prosecution, wherever it goes, it will take a long time because of all the pieces of evidence in place. they only get one shot at it. jon: jane was speaking with kathryn earlier, one of the interesting things to me was the potential backlash where the fbi says that if they had gone after
12:36 pm
this guy that would have been crucified because he is, you know, not only an army officer, but islamic, a muslim. there would have been all kinds of hell to pay if they had gone after him because he is running away to this imam looking for so-called religious guidance. >> it would depend upon what level that decision was made that. the argument that you summarize the is an argument that the fbi did make. in this era that we live in today, how does the government take into account the decisions that are made? what will the backlash be? doing research with these websites? or was he really communicating? jon: political correctness run amok, that is really the question.
12:37 pm
>> the chief of staff of the army said that he was very concerned about political correctness and fears the absence of political correctness, where people would be persecuted because they belong to a certain group. so, this attitude pervades the military. here is the question i want answered. what did the fbi know? what did they tell the military? jon: thank you. >> you are welcome. jane: we are on the job hunt. jpmorgan chase has announced a new hiring freeze, said to hire 1200 loan officers as they are looking to expand their business by 50%. julie, what do we know? >> big news coming out of the j.p. morgan chase banking giant. not all my eye -- not only are
12:38 pm
they hiring 23 new loan officers in three states, they are also increasing lending to small businesses buy up to $4 billion. to support that they are adding more than 300 staff positions. to top it off, jpmorgan chase is going to lift a salary freeze the they put in place last year, which was applicable for employees making more than $60,000 per year. good signs that buyers are starting to take advantage of rock-bottom real-estate prices. while the market has remained weak, home sales are seeing a slight pickup in the country. they say -- we have made a number of strategic investments in the system.
12:39 pm
>> at home you are probably thinking of this means more money for you. even though they have already repaid the $425 billion in government t.a.r.p. funds, it will not be a change in the number of loans being handed out. for more information on the open home lending positions, logon 2 jpmorgan jon: nice to hear that for a change. ida sure left a mess behind on the golf course -- gulf coast. how could the remnants impact your town?
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
jane: the remnants of hurricane ida have left behind remnants, particularly in georgia. flooding in metro of lantana, record -- flooding in metro atlanta, record numbers? janice: becher moisture in parts of the southeast, it can take just a little bit -- janice: record moisture in parts of the southeast, it can only take a little bit to cause the flooding your seeing. over 9 inches of rain in parts of alabama. hopefully we can get those images for you. otherwise i will just show you the radar. here is what is left of ida. it has moved off the coast and combined with a note -- with another low pressure center, making for a very powerful east
12:44 pm
coast storm that we will have to monitor, as it is bringing not only heavy flooding, but also very gusty winds. in some cases storm totals in excess of 89 inches of rain. i am sorry that we do not have that for you, but we will hopefully get those pictures, they really tell the story that we have been getting out of georgia, alabama, and florida. this is not the last that we have seen of this storm. as we head into the weekend the coastal low will remain of a " -- off the coast. bringing moisture and strong winds. you will need to watch the forecast and we will bring you the latest. jane: we will indeed. thank you. jon: the president has a strategy meeting with his national security team today. members will be pondering future strategy in afghanistan. it has been three months since
12:45 pm
general stanley mcchrystal called for more troops. we are told that the president is weighing four different options. talking to us now about the possibilities, retired army general mcinnis. general mcchrystal is obviously a counterinsurgency expert. if you are going to go with a full-blown counterinsurgency strategy throughout afghanistan, how many troops is he asking for? >> and lot more. you have 33 million people there. a country roughly the size of texas. you probably have about 800,000 combatants, plus support troops. clearly what general mcchrystal wants is to solidify the security in very important cities. to bring stability and then to go out, perhaps to the
12:46 pm
countryside, where the taliban is operating, using counterterrorism tactics. we do not have the troops to do counterinsurgency throughout the land. jon: how much is this impacted by the results of those afghan elections, which seemed to have dissatisfied so many people? >> clearly one of the goals that they will talk about today is what is the endgame. when can we leave afghanistan? how fast can we draw out a nash get -- afghan national army? that this -- that is what will be needed. it could take years. most counterinsurgencies last 14 years. i know that the president wants to extract as soon as reasonably possible, handing things over to reliable allies. but comet karzai has clearly
12:47 pm
not pleased that other people. -- but hamid karzai has clearly not pleased a lot of people. by the way, we still have operations going next door in pakistan that are not stable either. jon: the president has obviously been criticized for the time is takeing to make this decision. from a purely military standpoint, does the waiting have an impact? >> certainly the enemy has used this to banter about the notion that we are not ready to do what needs to be done long term. in terms of our ability, that is the key, i think, for general mcchrystal. he wants to be ready in the springtime to be able to do what is necessary. it really depends upon when we
12:48 pm
are, based on these caper reports, ready to send the marine regiments in to do this operation. hard to know, exactly. i am sure that the general has verified this, hard to know when exactly have the troops on the ground. we do not know when the snow is going to meld. jon: we understand that the president will not be making an announcement about troop levels until after he returns from asia. robert mcinnis, thank you. jane: changing gears -- ready for basketball? adam is. >> of the nba is putting on a full-court press to save some revenue. according to the commissioner, more than half of the teams lost money last year. what are they doing to save cash? we will tell you, coming up.
12:49 pm
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>> ♪ my country to is of the swede land of liberty -- sweet land of liberty of the guy saying -- of thee i sing land where my father's died land of the pilgrim's pride from every mountainside let freedom ring our father god to thee offer of liberty to thee we sing
12:53 pm
long may our land be bright with freedom's holy light great god ♪ jane: as you know, the recession is taking its toll on millions of businesses in this country. including sports franchises. some nba teams are taking moves to cut costs. you may have noticed, how extensive as that it been? >> more than half of the team's
12:54 pm
loss money last year. they're expecting another 5% drop in revenue. they cut 80 jobs here this year. we had a chance to talk to fox sports radio. they said was an indication that a number of teams are early struggling in the nba. >> we need to sell tickets. we need to be supportive of the community. i would say that over half of its franchisees do not get the support they need in the nba. >> going on line to some of the web sites, you can see a lot of sports fans talking about this subject. jane: what other teams doing to cut back? >> we were able to do some research and look at the different things that they can do. some of the teams are cutting the halftime shows. other teams are doing electronic christmas cards, saving $40,000.
12:55 pm
cutting back staff, putting less players on the roster. yesterday before the clippers game we were able the top of the fans. results were mixed. -- we were able to talk to the fans. results were mixed. >> there seem to be fans dropping off. >> i am not happy about that. >> i think that the lakers and knicks are a big name product, but the price is outrageous for the average person. >> a lot of the nba says that it is about efficiency, not the economy. jane: thank you. jon: on this veterans day we are honoring the nation's veterans for the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. we are going to introduce you to a very special one. >> my name is jason smith. i would like to wish my niece and a happy birthday up in kingston, new york. i wish everyone well.
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12:59 pm
dow [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jintao a tribute to a 100 year- old -- jane: a tribute to the world's oldest living army nurse, the state of maine as honoring her for her 20 years of service. there she is, stationed overseas during two wars, world war two and the korean war. she got a plaque and was saluted. jon: she looks great. look like one of us happy grandmothers. jane: that will do it for us. we are turning it over now to " the live desk." martha: we believe -- we begin with a news alert. trace: we are seconds away from a news conference ator


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